Polaris 22 – It’s a Wrap!

It’s Sunday evening, and I survived my very first sci-fi/fantasy conference, Polaris 22. There will be full-length articles and video footage posted over the next week, but I thought I’d take some time from resting to just share my thoughts on the weekend.

First off, I’d like to send a shout out to the other members of the media and blogosphere that I met over the past couple of days, particularly at the Saturday press conferences: Nicole, Mariah, Brian, Drew & Russel. Thanks for the advice, help, and interesting conversation. I’m sure our paths will cross again at some point.

Highlights of the weekend? The press conference with Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd (photo above). The Q & A with Veronica Mars and Moonlight star Jason Dohring on Sunday (which I got to attend with my friend Sarah). And reconnecting with some friends from the 501st Legion.

Now with every good experience there has to be a flipside. Mine? How seriously some individuals take their fandom, to the point that they are just unpleasant to be around, standoffish, and constantly flaunting an air of superiority. I didn’t encounter many such characters, but it was this type of person that had kept me away from the world of sci-fi and fantasy for so long. That level of fandom might be right for some; however, I think that each person should be entitled to like or love a show/film/book/etc in whichever way that’s right for him or her, and not be looked down upon based upon these varying degrees.

Starting tomorrow evening, I’ll be posting recaps of the press conferences that I attended, along with photo and video clips. I’ll also include links to the articles on TheTVShowBlog. And if you were at Polaris, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Until tomorrow … goodnight!

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  1. Brian Berneker Said:

    Hey thanks for the mention. Fun stuff these these press conferences eh? I’m sure we will meet again!

  2. LuLu Said:

    Can’t wait to here more about your time at the conference! 🙂

  3. Russel Said:

    Thanks for the mention it was a pleasure meeting you at the press conferences. I hope we can work together agin soon if I am ever in the city again. See you at Polaris 23 if not sooner 🙂

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