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The 2008 Emmy Awards Come to an End

Mary Tyler Moore, still looking fantastic, brought out Betty White to present the Outstanding Comedy Series Award to 30 Rock.  I’ve never been a regular watcher of 30 Rock, but I do like every episode I’ve seen.  So good for them.  And by the way, I want Tina Fey’s dress.  Can someone hook me up with one?

And the final statue of the night went to Mad Men for Outstanding Drama Series.  I guess I should get off my butt (or rather stay sitting on my butt) and catch up on this series!

Well, another Emmy broadcast has ended, right in time so I can catch my Entourage repeat on The Movie Network.  I’ll have my full thoughts on this year’s Emmy’s tomorrow.  Have a good night, and thanks for joining me for my ramblings!

Booooo! Dexter Ripped Off! Yay! Tina Fey Wins Again!

Oh Jack Bauer, how I’ve missed you! Very glad to see Mr. Sutherland on stage.

Wait a second … what just happened?  Michael C. Hall was RIPPED OFF!  He so should have won Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series!  I’m mad now.  What is up with the Academy?

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series – Yay Tina Fey for winning!  That was probably one of the best acceptance speeches I’ve seen tonight.

And I must say something about the whole Reality Host Award shtick.  LAME!  Going to commercial break before announcing the winner.  I really don’t care about this category, and why drag it out unnecessarily?  It’s because of their innane banter that the show is running behind, and now they’re rushing through the categories that really matter!

NPH, Piven, and a Win for “House’s Head”

Whoo hoo – two of my favourite men on screen within a minute – Neil Patrick Harris on stage presenting an award, and an audience shot of Jeremy Piven in a stunning pinstripe suit.

Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series went to Greg Yaitanes for one of my favourite episodes of House.  If you haven’t seen “House’s Head”, I really encourage you to watch it, as it was one of my favourite hours of television last season.

My thoughts on the Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series category – Battlestar Galactica was shut out ONCE AGAIN!  Will the suits ever recoginize BSG for the dramatic powerhouse it is?  Forget the fact that it’s sci-fi, it’s still the finest dramatic writing on television, hands down.  At the very least, The Wire could have won. Maybe this means I have to finally get around to watching Mad Men and see what all the raves are about.  But I stand by my choices in this category.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series goes to Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock – his first Emmy win after 7 noms.  He is great on 30 Rock, and he’s not Charlie Sheen, so good for him!

More from the 2008 Emmys

William Petersen has handed over the CSI reins to Laurence Fishburne. I still haven’t decided if Morpheus is the best man to lead the CSI Vegas team. I think this was supposed to be a moving moment, but it kind of fell flat, IMHO.

Jay Roach has won Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special, and thanked his wife, guitar vixen Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. I know it’s been a while since the heyday of The Bangles, but it still startles me how much Hoffs has aged.

I just caught my first glimpse of Entourage cutie Adrian Grenier. I know this year’s Emmys are really struggling to keep my attention if I only seem to be noticing the TV cuties on stage or in the audience.

The Amazing Race just picked up the Oustanding Reality Competition award, and Tom Hanks hit the stage to pick up yet another honor for John Adams, complete with political commentary.  Speaking of “amazing races”, it seems like in a year of a big election in the US, and an election in Canada, the political John Adams and Recount seem to be this year’s Emmy darlings.

2008 Emmys, Part Three

We’ve got a win for Laura Linney (Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie – John Adams). Haven’t seen John Adams yet … I might have to check it out.

The Daily Show has just snagged the Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series award, presented by castmates from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in, including Lily Tomlin as telephone operator Ernestine.

Oooooh David Boreanaz looking snazzy! Emmys, at last, you have my attention, at the very least for some eye candy!

The statue for Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series goes to Barry Sonnenfeld for Pushing Daisies. This is a show that I have tried to watch on a few different occasions, but I just can’t seem to get into.  I haven’t completely written it off yet, but it might require a marathon viewing of the entire first season for me to really appreciate it.

The Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series award just went to Tina Fey … not only a talented writer, but a talented female comedy writer! I’d like to dedicate her award to my friend Eileen, who I believe will be up there one day accepting that very same award! Finally, some inspiration at this year’s Emmys.

Oh, and if they’d like to bring David Boreanaz out for the rest of the awards to just stand there and look good, I’d have no objections!

The 2008 Emmys – Part Two

Ok, so we’ve got an Emmy for Diane Wiest (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama – In Treatment), and the writers on The Colbert Report (Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program).  Still peeved I missed seeing Piven win.  And I would have loved to see Michael Emerson (Ben Linus on Lost) win instead of Zeljko Ivanek.  Anyone else with me on that one?  I have to admit, the past 40 minutes have been on the boring side.  I wonder if the people in the Emmy audience are feeling the same way right now?  Now I’m wondering what the frak Josh Groban is doing?!?!  God help us all!  Unless he’s going to sing “I’m F*&^ing Ben Affleck”.

Liveblogging the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards – Part One

Due to lousy transit on a Sunday night in this city, I missed the first 20 minutes of the 2008 Emmys, and got home to find out JEREMY PIVEN MADE IT A THREE-PEAT!  Once again, he took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Entourage!  On the next commercial break, I’ll try to find video of this moment online.  The win makes me happy and sad at the same time – happy because Piven won, but sad because Neil Patrick Harris, who was equally worthy of this statue, did not win.  I also missed Jean Smart’s win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Samantha Who?  I got in the door just in time to see Zeljko Ivanek’s win for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Damages.  More to follow in my next post!

The Televixen Talks FanExpo 2008

It’s been a week since FanExpo wrapped up, and there’s still so much more to share!

In a second piece for The TV Addict, I reported on the Battlestar Galactica Q&A (my personal highlight of the weekend), which featured Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas. It’s a must read for BSG fans, including a glimpse of what’s in store for the final episodes, info about the upcoming film, and speculation on the identity of the final Cylon. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out right now.

This Televixen also made another appearance on the web this week. I was a guest on Russel Hale’s podcast, Ramble with Russel, chatting about my experience at FanExpo.

There’s more from FanExpo on its way, including photos, video, and details on the Arrested Development movie, according to Henry Winkler.

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