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Nip/Tuck Crosses the Line – Again

Spoiler alert!
I finally watched Tuesday’s episode of Nip/Tuck, and I have to admit, I was slightly shocked by one scene, and I don’t mean Christian and Liz walking off into the sunset … er, voluntarily walking off down the hallway to his bedroom together.

It was a scene in which a woman named Roxy St. James takes some very extreme measures to ensure she never gets breast cancer, which involved self-mutilation with an electric carving knife in the waiting area of McNamara Troy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the very conservative Parents Television Council is outraged, and is planning to contact each of the show’s advertisers to ask them “whether bloody self-mutilation with an electric carving knife is in alignment with the corporate image they wish to portray.”

Yes, the scene was graphic and disturbing, but it’s not the first time they’ve ventured into shocking territory. I think the scene with the guy being stuffed like a Build-a-bear bothered me more. If anything, Nip/Tuck’s viewers know what to expect with this show that has not only toed the line since it started, it’s flat out ran right past it on several occasions.

It was definitely unorthodox. Roxy St. James clearly had issues, but at the same time, you could argue it was a scene about a  woman asserting control over her life and her destiny, albeit by very extreme means.

Nip/Tuck viewers, what do you think? Was this scene even too much for this series, famous for its shock value?

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