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Smith Already Getting Doctor Who Fanmail

Matt Smith hasn’t even shot a scene yet as the Eleventh Doctor, but the fan mail’s already started, according to
BBC News, and he’s hoping to respond to all of them!

While it hasn’t yet reached the point of fans approaching Smith on the street, he has jumped head first into the deep end when it comes to preparing for this iconic role. He’s put some thought into Eleven’s attire, and if he has a say in his costume, he’s looking to Tom Baker’s incarnation of The Doctor for inspiration. Smith commented:

“I’m a big fan of long coats and rather dashing scarves in everyday life, so who knows?”

I have to say yes, I’ll miss David Tennant, but I am looking forward to seeing Smith take on this role, knowing how intensely he’s preparing for it. I think he recognizes the challenge that lies ahead for him.

I’d like to know what everyone’s thoughts are, a month after Matt Smith was named as the Eleventh Doctor. Is the excitement starting to build for fans now that the initial surprise is over?

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