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The Torchwood Series Three Trailer Has Arrived!

The Torchwood Series Three trailer made its debut today online and at New York Comicon, and as promised, here it is:

What a tease! Now I just want more Torchwood, and now!

The epic 5 episode event will air this spring, and will act as the series re-launch on BBC1. At last summer’s press conference with Gareth David-Lloyd at Polaris 22 in Toronto, a few people were concerned that a move to BBC1 would make Torchwood less edgy. Here shared this about Series Three, and the move to BBC1:

“It is more family orientated, BBC1, but I think Torchwood will be going on at the post watershed time, so the adult themes are going to be there … I’ve read the first script of the next season, which is the beginning of what is going to be one big storyline. All together, it’s going to be like a 5 hour film really. The tone, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t seem any more tame. It’s very much still Torchwood, Torchwood in the most vulnerable situations they’ve been in so far.”

He was right!

So what did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to Series Three of Torchwood?

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