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My Thoughts on BSG’s “Blood on the Scales” – Spoiler Alert!


SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t seen “Blood on the Scales” yet, don’t read any further!

First, let me take you back to last week’s episode of BSG, “The Oath. My blood was boiling throughout it, mainly because of Gaeta. I believe I yelled at my television a few times. I recall demanding someone send him out the nearest airlock.

Well, my friends, he’s gone. In last night’s episode, “Blood on the Scales”, Felix Gaeta got his just desserts.

Ding dong – Gaeta’s gone!

There was a time when I sympathized with this character, but he became way too sanctimonious and short-sighted. So I say goodbye and good riddance to Gaeta.

Althought I won’t miss Gaeta, let me say that Alessandro Juliani is one frakkin’ awesome actor. His portrayal of Gaeta has always been top notch, and he should be proud of the fine work he did on BSG. It takes talent to get such a rise out of me!

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