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Call Girl Continues to Excite


I have a confession to make – once a week, I have an appointment with a high-class call girl – ITV2 and Showtime’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl!

If you aren’t up to date, and are planning to watch, please know there will be spoilers from both Seasons 1 and 2 below.

I started watching the series once it had already wrapped up in the UK, but prior to its US debut, and I was instantly hooked. I found it fascinating to watch Belle/Hannah attempt to keep her professional life as far away from her personal life as possible. In the first season, she revealed her secret to her best friend, Ben, but managed to keep it from her family. I wasn’t sure if a second season would be able to retain the same level of intrigue that the first did, but 4 episodes into Season Two, and I have to say BRAVO!

Belle has now branched out on her own as an independent call girl, after saying farewell to her agent, and following a brief stint as a courtesan. She has a protege, the very precocious Bambi. And Hannah has a boyfriend, Alex. The series has reached a whole new level, with Belle facing more of a struggle with landing and retaining clients, and with Hannah attempting to have a non-professional relationship with the very adorable Alex. The show is no longer about the clients and their desires, it’s more about the person behind the prostitute. Now, she’s having trouble performing at work because she’s actually fallen in love.¬† I like seeing Belle/Hannah’s internal conflict between the work that she’s loved so much up until this point, and her unexpected fall into love.

The only problem I have with the second season – not being able to watch it all in one sitting like I did with the first!

So who else is watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and are you enjoying Season 2 as much as I am?

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