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Remembering the 80s – Who’s the Boss?


Time for a monthly trip back in time to the 80s. This month, I’d like to pay tribute to Who’s the Boss.

This was a half-hour each week that I just could not miss, from the very first episode in September 1984. I loved the story of Tony Miceli, a former baseball player turned housekeeper, and his tomboyish daughter Samantha as they moved from Brooklyn to Connecticut. Then there was uptight ad exec Angela Bower, and her very prim and proper son Jonathan. And how could we forget Mona, Angela’s stunning and free-spirited mother.

Watching the two worlds collide was magical for this kid! Sam was my favourite character, of course. Even though my family was different, I could identify with her and her transformation from tomboy to young lady. In a way, we grew up together.

Back in 2005, the WTB cast reunited on The Tony Danza Show, and shared this blooper reel:

So who else was into Who’s the Boss? Oh, and I’d like to hear your suggestions for favourite 80s show. Yours could be featured in a future edition of Remembering the 80s!

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