Robin Scherbatsky, Old King Clancy, and Alan Thicke?

How I Met Your Mother has given us some really funny websites: Ted Mosby is a Jerk, Barney’s Video Resume, and now, Canadian Sex Acts.

In last night’s episode, “Old King Clancy”, Robin refers to this site when talking about a Canadian celebrity encounter she once had, then starts naming off some crazy Canadian – errrr – positions. Knowing HIMYM’s history of actually setting up these sites, curiosity got the better of me, and I had to check it out. And heck, I’m Canadian, I should be aware of this valuable cultural information!

After verifying that I was at least 18 years of age (or 23 in the Maritime Provinces), I checked out the Old King Clancy, and this is what popped up:


Alan Thicke?!? In fact, every Canadian sex act had an error message featuring Alan Thicke!

This isn’t the first time Thicke has been featured in HIMYM viral marketing. Remember Robin Sparkles’ video for “Sandcastles in the Sand”?

I could ask all of you what your fave HIMYM viral website has been so far, but I think it’d be more fun to ask what your favourite reference to Canadians has been so far. One of mine would have to be Robin referring to Bruce Springsteen as “America’s Bryan Adams”.

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  1. Sheryl Said:

    Barney’s Video Resume, hands down. Its awesome. 😉

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