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O Captain, My Captain! My Fave Sci-Fi TV Captains

I felt like writing a fun little blog post this evening, so I thought what better to do than honor my favourite Sci-Fi TV Captains.  So here they are, the top 5, and one honorable mention.


I’ll start with my honorable mention – Captain Hammer.  There’s only one reason this only ranks as an honorable mention on this list – Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog wasn’t on television.  But Nathan Fillion’s character from the infamous web musical is definitely worth recognizing!  Who doesn’t love a superhero, even if he’s arrogant, self-centred, and well, a bit of dick.


#5 – Captain John Hart, Torchwood.  Although he was only in a few episodes of this hit BBC series, every moment on the screen was memorable.  Not to mention that kiss between him and Captain Jack!  James Marsters is great, no matter what role he takes on, but he injected wit and sarcasm, as well as some healthy competition with Ianto Jones for Captain Jack’s affections.


#4 – Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Battlestar Galactica.  One of television’s most compelling, iconic characters EVER, Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck is one complicated gal.  She’s got the skills that make her a good captain, but her attitude, inability to respect most authority, instability, and the distractions caused by her “special destiny” have kept her from achieving greatness.


#3 – Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds, Firefly.  Known affectionately as “Captain Tightpants” to his legions of fans, Nathan Fillion’s Captain Mal is a fine leader on his ship, Serenity.  His mission – to keep his ship in the air, his crew safe, and to take a stand agains the corrupt Alliance forces.  Oh, and try to make some coin along the way.


#2 – Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood and Doctor Who.  He’s sexy, suave, passionately dedicated to his mission of intercepting whatever may slip through The Rift, and fiercely protective of his team at Torchwood.  He’s a fantastic leader shrouded in the mystery surrounding his origins.  He’s saved Cardiff and the world a few times over.  John Barrowman may be known by some for his work in musical theatre, but he’s truly made his mark on the TV landscape as this fantastic character.


#1 – Captain Lee Adama, Battlestar Galactica.  Jamie Bamber’s Lee Adama is a born leader, although he needed some coaxing.  As a captain, he helped save humanity from a Cylon holocaust on New Caprica, among other things.  And now he’s taken on another leadership role – as President of the Twelve Colonies.  His passion, insight, pursuit of justice, and ability to see most situations objectively make him tops on my list of captains.

Now that I’ve shared my faves, I’d like to know yours.  Share your picks for TV Captains in the comments below.

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