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Remembering the 80s – Fame

I’m feeling nostalgic this evening, so what better time than now to launch something I plan to revisit occasionally – Remembering the 80s.

I was raised on 80s television, but of all the shows that came and went, there was one that really defined my youth. Fame. Six-year-old me couldn’t believe that such a place existed, a school for the arts, where you took classes in drama and dance and music. I enjoyed the big musical numbers, but what I really loved was witnessing the trials and tribulations of these students on their quest to become stars. I could barely wait for each week’s episode to see what was in store for Coco, Leroy, Danny, Doris and Bruno. It was because of Fame that drama ended up a huge part of my high school life. Oh, and I think my dream of one day visiting New York started because of this show (I finally made it there in 2008).

Now, I have to admit, my favourite episodes were during the first few seasons, and there are some scenes that I remember like I only saw them yesterday. Here’s one of them:

Anyone else remember Fame with the same fondness? And what scenes still stand out in your mind?

Next month, I’ll feature another blast from the past!

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