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New Vampire Diaries Ads?

I happened to come across these images just a few minutes ago. Could they be part of an upcoming ad campaign for CW’s The Vampire Diaries?




Now, I don’t know if these are the real deal, or fan-made, but they look really, really sexy!

So what do you think of these images? If you weren’t already planning to tune in, would any of these compel you to watch?

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Upfront about … CW’s The Vampire Diaries

TVD Somerhalder

Today, The CW’s 2009/2010 schedule was released, which revealed new series The Vampire Diaries will air in Smallville’s Thursday at 8 spot, followed by Supernatural at 9 (Smallville will move to Friday nights at 8 for its final season*).

If you’d like a sneak peek at The Vampire Diaries, visit TV Week to check out some clips.

After watching these clips, I have to admit, I’m not too thrilled with the first scene – it’s too heavy on the Twilight-esque angst for my liking. But I do love the scene with the fight between vampire brothers Damon and Stefan. Ian Somerhalder as Damon is striking in the vampy eye candy department!

After watching these clips, what do you think of CW’s Vampire Diaries? Think you’ll give it a chance?

*Updated info on SMALLVILLE – according to EW’s Michael Ausiello, CW exec Dawn Ostroff “hopes next season isn’t the last for Smallville.”

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Vampire Diaries – Damon and Stefan Have Been Cast

After some casting choices that were disconcerting to Vampire Diaries purists, it seems that the choices for vampire brothers Damon and Stefan might receive the stamp of approval from fans.

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

In quick succession, Variety reported that Ian Somerhalder had been cast as Damon, while The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Paul Wesley had landed the role of Stefan. Somerhalder is probably best known as Boone Carlyle on Lost. Wesley was most recently on 24, but I remember him best as Lucas Luthor, Lex’s younger half-brother on Smallville.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley

According to Televixen reader and Vampire Diaries expert Sheryl, these are two excellent choices for the blood drinking brothers. I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing Somerhalder on my TV again soon. I think he’ll look really good in fangs!

So what do you think? Did the PTBs finally get some casting choices right for The Vampire Diaries’ pilot?

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Vampire Diaries Has Its Elena


The CW has cast Elena, the lead female role in their upcoming series The Vampire Diaries. Who’s the lucky gal? Canadian Nina Dobrev, best known as Mia on Degrassi: The Next Generation, as announced by The Hollywood Reporter. This is the second time in as many years that a Canadian from Degrassi: TNG has been cast as lead in a CW series.

Even though I have the books here waiting to be read, I’ve yet to delve into them, but it seems fans aren’t too happy with casting a cute brunette as Elena, known for her striking blonde hair, blue eyed beauty. Others are saying WTF to the casting of a brother, which I mentioned in a previous post. Apparently Elena doesn’t have a brother in the books, only a much younger sister.

My guess? This series, much like True Blood, won’t be an exact retelling of the books. I know there was a lot of discontent with casting Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, but we see how well that turned out. True Blood became the most successful series on HBO since Sex and the City and The Sopranos, and Paquin even took home the Emmy. I have read many of the Southern Vampire novels, and they act as somewhat of a foundation for the series, but there are huge differences. It still works, though. Hopefully Kevin Williamson and his team are able to do the same with The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries Purists will probably hate it, but who knows?

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries books? Will this casting choice prevent you from tuning in when the series makes its debut? Even after I complete the books, I’m planning to keep an open mind. And I am always happy to see young Canadian talent do well within the country and beyond its borders.

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The CW’s Vampire Diaries


Earlier this month, The CW announced that the Kevin Williamson/Julie Plec penned pilot for The Vampire Diaries got the green light. Williamson and Plec are also at the helm as co-executive producers.

On Friday, Variety reported that Steven R. McQueen, grandson of the late Steve McQueen, was cast in the role of Jeremy, younger brother to female lead Elena (which has yet to be cast).

I first heard about The Vampire Diaries last year when I started reading the Twilight series, and a friend told me there was a far better series that pre-dated Stephenie Meyer’s books. In fact, a week before the CW announcement was made, she loaned me the first two books. In fact, I’m planning to start reading them while on vacation next week.

News of this series has definitely piqued my interest. It worked for True Blood, in huge part to a great writer/exec producer Alan Ball. I think Williamson is the right person to bring the series to life on the small screen, especially if it taps into what was great about Dawson’s Creek and the Scream Trilogy – that is, cleverly written teen angst with just the right amount of horror.

I think there’s room for another vampire series in my TV viewing schedule. What do you think? Will you be checking out The Vampire Diaries? Or will you choose not to watch because a) Twilight has turned you off vampires for a while, b) True Blood is enough vamp on TV for the time being, or c) Buffy was, is, and will always be the only vampire series for you?

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