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Musical TV Memories – Bands on TV Shows

Continuing the Musical TV Memories, what better to remember than the bands that some of our beloved TV characters have formed over the years. Inspired by Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s reprisal of his Zack Morris character in a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon, here’s a look at some of the bands from over the years.

Band: Zack Attack
Band Members: Zack, Kelly, Slater, Lisa, Screech
Show: Saved By The Bell
Song: Friends Forever

Band: Zit Remedy
Band Members: Joey Jeremiah, Wheels and Snake
Show: Degrassi High
Song: Everybody Wants Something

Band: The Worthless Peons
Band Members: Ted, Randall, Crispin, Roy
Show: Scrubs
Song: Don’t Fear The Reaper

Band: DriveSHAFT
Band Members: Charlie and Liam Pace
Show: Lost
Song: You All Everybody

Band: Flight of the Conchords
Band Members: Bret and Jemaine
Show: Flight of the Conchords
Song: Ladies of the World

Any TV show bands stand out for you over the years? Share your picks in the comments below!

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Musical TV Memories – Singing Soap Stars!

I was in the mood for another edition of Musical TV Memories, and had so many ideas, I decided to dedicate an entire week to it!

For today’s edition, prepare yourself for some magnificent mullets and sugary songs brought to you by some of daytime TV’s finest. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a salute to Singing Soap Stars!

The Man: Jack Wagner
The Character: Andrew “Frisco” Jones
The Soap: General Hospital
The Song: All I Need

Jack Wagner is probably best known as both a daytime and nighttime soap star. He was probably one of my faves on Melrose Place, but long before that, he was Frisco on GH, and in love with a gal named Tanya. “All I Need” was for her, but she married Frisco’s brother Tony instead. Where is he now? Back in the world of daytime soaps, as Dominick on Bold and the Beautiful.

The Man: Michael Damian
The Character: Danny Romalotti
The Soap: The Young and the Restless
The Song: Rock On

Michael Damian was Danny Romalotti, Genoa City’s own rock star on Young and the Restless. He also had a moderately successful musical career, mainly outside the US, during much of the 80s. Then he landed a song on the soundtrack of teen flick Dream a Little Dream, a remake of of “Rock On”, which ended up being a huge hit. Damian is still making music, and occasionally returns to the Young and the Restless.

The Man: Rick Springfield
The Character: Dr. Noah Drake
The Soap: General Hospital
The Song: Jessie’s Girl

Rick Springfield has to be my favourite of the singing soap stars. Jessie’s Girl is probably the song he’s most known for, but I’ve always been a fan “Love Somebody” from his 1984 film Hard to Hold. He briefly returned to General Hospital in 2008, and later this year, he’ll be on Californication as himself.

Honorable mentions have to go to Kylie Minogue (Neighbours), Gloria Loring (Days of our Lives), Ricky Martin (General Hospital), and Ronn Moss (Bold and the Beautiful).

Did anyone else have a fave singer/soap star? Let me know by commenting. And don’t forget to check out some more Musical TV Memories tomorrow!

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Remembering the 80s – Who’s the Boss?


Time for a monthly trip back in time to the 80s. This month, I’d like to pay tribute to Who’s the Boss.

This was a half-hour each week that I just could not miss, from the very first episode in September 1984. I loved the story of Tony Miceli, a former baseball player turned housekeeper, and his tomboyish daughter Samantha as they moved from Brooklyn to Connecticut. Then there was uptight ad exec Angela Bower, and her very prim and proper son Jonathan. And how could we forget Mona, Angela’s stunning and free-spirited mother.

Watching the two worlds collide was magical for this kid! Sam was my favourite character, of course. Even though my family was different, I could identify with her and her transformation from tomboy to young lady. In a way, we grew up together.

Back in 2005, the WTB cast reunited on The Tony Danza Show, and shared this blooper reel:

So who else was into Who’s the Boss? Oh, and I’d like to hear your suggestions for favourite 80s show. Yours could be featured in a future edition of Remembering the 80s!

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A Salute to TV Hangouts

The weekend’s almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a coffee or a pint while enjoying some live music or conversation with friends.

Here’s a little photo tribute to some of my fave TV hangouts over the years!


Central Perk – Friends


The Peach Pit – Beverly Hills, 90210


P3 – Charmed


The Bronze – Buffy


MacLaren’s – How I Met Your Mother

The Talon – Smallville


Liberty Diner – Queer as Folk

So, what are/were your fave small screen hangouts from over the years?

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What Was Your Fave Series Finale?


Last week, I wanted to know which series you’d bring back if you had the power to revive anything from TV’s past.

Today, I’d like to know your picks for favourite series finale. With the BSG’s end looming on the horizon, I’ve been thinking about sendoffs of the past, and which ones I thought were the best.

If I had to pick just one, I’d have to say Six Feet Under. The series finale was perfection! Each story line was tied up beautifully, and as someone who followed the Fisher clan for 5 years, I was completely satisfied with how it all ended.

So which series finale has been your fave so far? And on the flipside, which series finale did you think was a disappointment?

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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Televixen!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing I like better than a great small-screen romance. So I thought I’d share a list of some of my favourite TV couples of all time, along with clips of each.

What better way to start the list than with the couple that inspired this post – Lost’s Desmond and Penny! This is a couple that would go to the ends of the earth for one another.:

Then there’s Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin from BSG. I was thrilled when these two finally ended up together. In the words of the Admiral, “It’s about time.”:

You know how they say “love hurts”. In the case of Buffy and Angel, love turns some people into soulless monsters. Even though they couldn’t live happily ever after, I still enjoyed watching any brief moment of happiness, or sadness that they shared:

Everyone else can have the saga of Ross and Rachel, but for me, Friends’ Phoebe and Mike were THE couple:

No list would be complete without I Love Lucy’s Ricky and Lucy. I adore this scene, when Lucy lets Ricky know he’s going to be a father:

Last, but most certainly not least, a little Jack and Ianto from Torchwood. Anyone want to play naked hide and seek? Hubba hubba this is one hot couple!

Who are your fave TV couples? Share your picks in the comments below!

And a very Happy Valentine’s Day from The Televixen!

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What Show Would You Bring Back?


I thought I’d try something different, and hand the reins over to the readers by posing this question:

If you had the power to bring back any show, and you could only pick one, which would you choose?

Would it be one that wasn’t given a fair chance, like Firefly? Or something like Friends that had an excellent run, but new episodes would be some good comfort food for the cold months?¬† Maybe a series that felt unresolved when it ended, like Veronica Mars?

Comment away!

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Musical TV Memories

Music has always been an essential part of my life; I’d say it’s up there with sleeping, breathing and eating. It’s also connected to many of my memories. I hear certain songs, and they take me right back to a specific moment.
The same is true for my TV memories. I hear some tunes, and I think of a specific scene in one of my fave shows.

Here are five of my musical TV memories, songs that I cannot hear without remembering the scene in which it was played”

1) Family Ties, 1985 – Billy Vera and the Beaters’ “At This Moment” – a scene where a very jealous me watched my dream boy at the time, Alex P. Keaton, kiss Ellen for the first time at a Leland College dance.

2) Beverly Hills, 90210, 1991 – REM’s “Losing My Religion” plays in the background as Brenda and Dylan break up at the start of Season Two.

3) Scrubs, 2002 – Men at Work’s Colin Hay follows JD around singing “Overkill” in the Season Two premiere.

4) Smallville, 2001 – Stabbing Westward’s “What Do I Have to Do?” in the Season One finale. It’s the opening scene when Lionel Luthor sweeps in on his chipper and announces the closure of the Smallville LuthorCorp plant, much to Lex’s shock.

5) Six Feet Under, 2005 – Sia’s “Breathe Me” plays in the series finale as Claire drives off to New York in what is arguably the finest closing scene of any series, ever!

Do you have any favourite musical TV memories? Was there a song that you fell in love with after hearing it on a TV show? Or is there a song that will forever be connected to a TV scene in your memory? Share your picks below.

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The Televixen Talks FanExpo 2008

It’s been a week since FanExpo wrapped up, and there’s still so much more to share!

In a second piece for The TV Addict, I reported on the Battlestar Galactica Q&A (my personal highlight of the weekend), which featured Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas. It’s a must read for BSG fans, including a glimpse of what’s in store for the final episodes, info about the upcoming film, and speculation on the identity of the final Cylon. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out right now.

This Televixen also made another appearance on the web this week. I was a guest on Russel Hale’s podcast, Ramble with Russel, chatting about my experience at FanExpo.

There’s more from FanExpo on its way, including photos, video, and details on the Arrested Development movie, according to Henry Winkler.

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FanExpo 2008 in Toronto

This weekend marks my very first FanExpo in Toronto.

A full report will follow, but I thought I’d share a few highlights from Saturday.

The day began with meeting Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol). Then it was off to the Smallville Q&A with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl). The day ended on a high note – a Q&A with film and television icon, Henry Winkler. The child in me was thrilled to shake hands with the Fonz, who is a gifted and inspirational speaker!

The moment I’ve been waiting for all weekend takes place this afternoon – the Battlestar Galactica Q&A with Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas! And so I’m off for the final day of FanExpo 2008!

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