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We Are Coming – Torchwood: Children of Earth is Here

It’s finally here! This evening, Torchwood: Children of Earth makes its North American debut on BBC America in the US at 9 pm and Space in Canada at 10 pm.

Haven’t decided if you’re going to watch yet? Check out this clip, and I’m sure you’ll be persuaded to tune in:

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If you’re planning to tune in, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Day One. Stop by after 10:30 pm EST and leave your comments!


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Countdown to Torchwood: Day 5

We are only one day away from the debut of the television event of the summer, Torchwood: Children of Earth. Today, I’ve got a clip of Eve Myles talking about her character, Gwen:

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Remember, Torchwood: Children of Earth starts tomorrow night at 9 pm on BBC America in the US, and Space in Canada.


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Countdown to Torchwood: Day 4

In Day 4 of The Televixen’s Countdown to Torchwood: Children of Earth, here’s a clip of genius Russell T. Davies talking about why now was the right time to venture into a mini-series:

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In case you’ve forgotten, Torchwood: Children of Earth makes its debut on Monday at 9 pm.


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Countdown to Torchwood – Day 3

As my countdown to Torchwood: Children of Earth’s North American debut, here’s another awesome video clip courtesy of BBC America:

Executive Producer Julie Gardner Talks Aliens


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Countdown to Torchwood – Day 2

Torchwood: Children of Earth is just mere days away, and I have another video clip to share with all of you. You can either click the link to watch the video on BBC America‘s site, or click on the video below.

John Barrowman on Jack

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The Televixen’s Sizzling Summer TV Picks – Part 3!

The month of July marks the return of two of my absolute faves – Torchwood and Entourage! Now Torchwood doesn’t get a full season this year, but does have a jaw-dropping 5-part mini series lined up. And the last that we saw Vinnie Chase, after reaching a career low, Martin Scorsese offered him the lead in his next flick!

Here are a couple of promos for you to check out:

Torchwood: Children of Earth (BBC America, July 20th)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Entourage (HBO and HBO Canada – July 12th)

So now that I’ve shared my Sizzling Summer TV Picks, why don’t you tell me what shows you’re most looking forward to during the lazy, hazy days of June, July and August?

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And The Doctor’s Next Companion Will Be …


There will be a new companion in the second of four Doctor Who specials this year.

BBC announced today that acclaimed stage and screen actress Lindsay Duncan has been cast as Adelaide, companion to David Tennant’s Doctor in the yet to be titled second special of 2009.

Exec producer/writer Russell T. Davies commented:

“Lindsay is an incredibly talented actress and I’ve been an admirer of her work for some time. We are delighted to announce that she will be joining the team and playing the Doctor’s most strong-minded companion yet.”

This second Doctor Who special will go into production this spring. There’s no word yet whether Duncan is being considered for the role of companion to our next Doctor, Matt Smith, although it would make for quite an interesting age contrast – Duncan is 58, and Smith is 26.

Duncan TV resume includes HBO’s Rome and the upcoming BBC2 drama Margaret in which she portrays The Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.

So, what are your thoughts on this casting choice?

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Smith Gets a Million for 5-Year Who Contract

Details of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who contract have been revealed.

According to Wired blog
The Underwire, this past Wednesday, Smith signed on for 3 years with an option for 2 more – all at a cool £1 million (just over $1.4 million US).

This may not seem like much money, and it is less than David Tennant is earning for the same role, but Smith will most likely make up for it in assignments he picks up during hiatus from Doctor Who.

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Triffids Miniseries Coming to BBC


John Wyndham’s classic sci-fi novel Day of the Triffids will be hitting the tube this year as a BBC miniseries.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the astounding cast includes Dougray Scott, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard and Jason Priestley.

If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a taste of what’s in store:

(Dougray) Scott will play Bill Maysen, a doctor who has to lead a band of humans in an epic battle with the Triffids, a flesh-eating vegetable originally used as an energy source. When spectators gather worldwide for a much-anticipated solar storm, billions are left blinded and the few sighted survivors watch as society collapses into chaos.

Now, I remember reading this book in high school, along with Wyndham’s The Chrysalids, and didn’t really enjoy either at the time, but re-read the latter in my early 20s and loved it. So I think it’s time to revisit Triffids before this airs.

I haven’t seen a really good miniseries in a while, and with this cast, I think this could be one to watch. As a Nip/Tuck fan, I’m happy that mother/daughter Redgrave and Richardson will be together on screen again. And I’ve really missed Eddie Izzard on TV since The Riches was canceled.

An air date has not been announced yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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The Torchwood Series Three Trailer Has Arrived!

The Torchwood Series Three trailer made its debut today online and at New York Comicon, and as promised, here it is:

What a tease! Now I just want more Torchwood, and now!

The epic 5 episode event will air this spring, and will act as the series re-launch on BBC1. At last summer’s press conference with Gareth David-Lloyd at Polaris 22 in Toronto, a few people were concerned that a move to BBC1 would make Torchwood less edgy. Here shared this about Series Three, and the move to BBC1:

“It is more family orientated, BBC1, but I think Torchwood will be going on at the post watershed time, so the adult themes are going to be there … I’ve read the first script of the next season, which is the beginning of what is going to be one big storyline. All together, it’s going to be like a 5 hour film really. The tone, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t seem any more tame. It’s very much still Torchwood, Torchwood in the most vulnerable situations they’ve been in so far.”

He was right!

So what did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to Series Three of Torchwood?

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