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The Televixen Talks FanExpo 2008

It’s been a week since FanExpo wrapped up, and there’s still so much more to share!

In a second piece for The TV Addict, I reported on the Battlestar Galactica Q&A (my personal highlight of the weekend), which featured Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas. It’s a must read for BSG fans, including a glimpse of what’s in store for the final episodes, info about the upcoming film, and speculation on the identity of the final Cylon. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out right now.

This Televixen also made another appearance on the web this week. I was a guest on Russel Hale’s podcast, Ramble with Russel, chatting about my experience at FanExpo.

There’s more from FanExpo on its way, including photos, video, and details on the Arrested Development movie, according to Henry Winkler.

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FanExpo 2008 – What a Trip!

Well, I survived my very first FanExpo. What a trip! From meeting Henry Winkler to being one of the lucky people to attend the Battlestar Galactica Q&A, this gal left the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with a smile on her face.

I will give a full recap of my weekend tomorrow (including major BSG info), but in the meantime, here is a link to an article I wrote for The TV Addict as special correspondent! Also, I’ve included a photo of Edward James Olmos that I took during the Q&A yesterday.

Did anyone else attend FanExpo? What were your thoughts on the weekend?

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FanExpo 2008 in Toronto

This weekend marks my very first FanExpo in Toronto.

A full report will follow, but I thought I’d share a few highlights from Saturday.

The day began with meeting Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol). Then it was off to the Smallville Q&A with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl). The day ended on a high note – a Q&A with film and television icon, Henry Winkler. The child in me was thrilled to shake hands with the Fonz, who is a gifted and inspirational speaker!

The moment I’ve been waiting for all weekend takes place this afternoon – the Battlestar Galactica Q&A with Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas! And so I’m off for the final day of FanExpo 2008!

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