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Want to Dress Like a Draper?


Could fashions inspired by Mad Men hit the racks at your favourite shops soon?

Glamour recently interviewed Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant, who revealed that a line of Mad Men inspired clothing is likely in the works. Bryant stated:

I’m working on some things right now…I hate to be so mysterious but I can’t really say! It would have my name attached to it though.

It seems that a lot of ladies out there are anxiously awaiting this line, most of which want to dress like the sultry Joan Holloway. I’m not exactly a fashionista, but I’ve taken a second glance at some of her outfits and thought how good they’d look on me!

Ladies, I’d like to know what you think. Will you be making a beeline for the sexy, Joan-inspired ensembles, the elegant frocks a-la Betty Draper, or the slightly more demure stylings of Peggy Olson? And guys, will you want to dress like the dapper Don Draper?

And thanks to Twitterer @newmodernist for the tip!

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