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Happy Canada Day from The Televixen!

Today is Canada’s 142nd birthday! And I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to some fine Canadians who keep us glued to our TVs week after week.


1) Kiefer Sutherland – Jack Bauer’s been saving the US since November 2001, and the actor that brings this character to life each season is Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer’s not only part of an acting dynasty, his grandfather is the reason Canadians have free health care!


2) Nathan Fillion – Whether he’s Malcolm Reynolds, Richard Castle or Captain Hammer, Edmonton native Nathan Fillion always brings a smile to this Televixen’s face.


3) Evangeline Lilly – Since the beginning of Lost, I’ve been fascinated by Kate Austen, and I couldn’t imagine her played by anyone else except the stunning Evangeline Lilly.


4) Joshua Jackson – I first fell in love with him as Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek, and was I ever thrilled to see him as Peter Bishop on Fringe. Joshua Jackson is a fine, often underrated Canadian export.


5) Cobie Smulders – Can you get more Canadian than Cobie Smulders? On How I Met Your Mother, she’s Canadian newscaster Robin Scherbatsky. And she has an alter ego – Robin Sparkles, a Canadian pop sensation. Her hit song “Let’s Go to the Mall” is appropriate for this holiday, as she declares, “I’m going to rock your body till Canada Day!”


6) Tahmoh Penikett – We loved him as Helo on BSG, and he’s proved to be a real asset to the Whedonverse on Dollhouse. He’s a fine Canadian actor, and his father was Premier of the Yukon.

7) William Shatner – He’s the original Captain James T. Kirk. What more can I say? Actually, I’ll let him say it:

To all my fellow Canadians, at home and abroad, Happy Canada Day!

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Jack’s Back – But For How Much Longer?

I have to say I’m very pleased that 24 and Jack Bauer are back. Like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes, the first few episodes of Day 7 have managed to restore my faith in this series, recapturing the excitement of its early seasons. But how much longer will we have Jack Bauer saving the world, one excruciating day at a time?

EW’s Ausiello Files pondered the distinct possibility that 24 could end after Day 8, seeing that Kiefer Sutherland’s contract only has another year on it.

The end is on Sutherland’s mind as well. He admits:

“I don’t think about [the end of 24] a lot, but I did this year for the first time … It was one of those weird moments where the stage was unusually quiet; it was like a ghost town. I was looking around [thinking] about all the work that went into building this thing and it hit me: This will end one day, and I’m going to be sad about it.

Wow, I’ve never really thought of the end of 24, but as other great shows like BSG and Lost prepare for series finales, I’m reminded that all good things will come to an end. As much as I’ll miss that action packed 24 hours of buttkicking awesomeness, eight seasons is an excellent run for any show, so if it were to end, I’d be okay with it.

If 24 takes its final bow on the small screen after Day 8, will you be ready to say farewell to Jack Bauer?

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