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5 Reasons to Watch Dollhouse this Friday!


Dollhouse’s Miracle Laurie (Mellie/November) tweeted earlier this morning that she “thinks everyone should tell 5 people in their life, that they know haven’t seen DH to watch this Friday as a favor!”

I’ve accepted the challenge, and told five of my friends and co-workers why they need to not only tune into this Friday’s Dollhouse finale, “Omega”, but should also watch last Friday’s “Briar Rose”.

Here are 5 reasons why I’ll be watching. For those of you who haven’t watched yet, beware of spoilers!

1) Alpha. Need I say more?

2) Will DeWitt and Langton let Agent Paul Ballard out of The Dollhouse alive? In fact, who will make it out alive, period?

3) What exactly do Alpha and Echo have in store for “Caroline”?

4) Do we get confirmation that Dr. Claire Saunders is in fact a doll named Whiskey, and will anyone else be revealed as a doll (Topher, perhaps)?

5) Going out on a Friday night is highly overrated. Heck, if you insist on going out, you could be home in time for 9 pm, or go out at 10 pm once Dollhouse is over 😀

Without a doubt, “Briar Rose” was one of the best hours on network TV this year. I expect “Omega” will deliver as well!

Why will you be watching Dollhouse this Friday?

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