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The Televixen’s Sizzling Summer TV Picks – Part Two!

There are some really cool series making their debut this summer, and here are just a couple that you can be sure this Televixen will be watching!

Warehouse 13 (SciFi/SyFy, July 7th)

Nurse Jackie (Showtime and TMN, June 8th)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tomorrow, I’ll have clips from two of my fave shows EVER that return this summer!

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Happy BSG S4 DVD Release Day!

Happy Battlestar Galactica Season 4 DVD Release Day! It’s like Christmas all over again for me.

I spent part of my evening watching the first episode and its deleted scenes – oh, and admiring my Starbuck dog tags! As if this day wasn’t BSG-tacular enough, this morning SciFi Wire posted a clip from an upcoming episode. And that’s where the happiness comes screeching to a halt.

What can I say? It’s bleak. After an epic journey, they’ve finally found Earth, and it’s not what they expected. They’ve scoured the planet in search of life, but no souls remain. The only glimmer of hope is Laura Roslin’s silent discovery of a flower. Last summer at FanExpo in Toronto, Edward James Olmos mentioned that these remaining episodes were hard to film, and will be hard for fans to watch. I’ve braced myself for the impending gloom of the final episodes. Watching this scene left me both excited for BSG’s return, and dismayed by the inevitable course the series is on toward its end.

Have you watched this clip yet? What are your thoughts? And have you picked up the S4 DVDs as of yet?

BSG returns on Friday, January 16 at 10 pm on SciFi in the US, and Space in Canada.

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