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What Show Would You Bring Back?


I thought I’d try something different, and hand the reins over to the readers by posing this question:

If you had the power to bring back any show, and you could only pick one, which would you choose?

Would it be one that wasn’t given a fair chance, like Firefly? Or something like Friends that had an excellent run, but new episodes would be some good comfort food for the cold months?  Maybe a series that felt unresolved when it ended, like Veronica Mars?

Comment away!

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Veronica Mars Movie News!

I miss Veronica Mars. It was a brilliant, well-written, well-acted series for the first two seasons. The third season was weak, but there were a few good episodes. It never got a chance to redeem itself.  There has  been talk of a big screen outing for Neptune’s favourite sleuth and friends, and it looks like it’s official!

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos reported earlier today that VM mastermind Rob Thomas is about to start writing the screenplay, taking advantage of the extra time he now has with the order for Cupid being reduced to 8 episodes.

The question that’s on everyone’s minds – where will the story pick up? Here’s what Thomas had to say:

“I think it would open just days before Hearst College graduation, so Veronica would be at the end of her college career.”

Thomas is still working out the story, and hasn’t confirmed the return of anyone other than Kristen Bell, although he’s spoken with Enrico Colantoni (papa Keith Mars, currently on the CTV/CBS co-pro Flashpoint) and the very handsome Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). As long as those three are on board, I’m in! Oh, and I think we definitely need Veronica’s canine cohort Backup.

Will you be hitting the theatre for a Veronica Mars movie? And which cast members are a must for you to check it out?

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Polaris 22 Coverage – Jason Dohring Article Now Live!

In a day that brought us an exciting web event, the first part of genius Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, another first happened – the first of my Polaris 22 articles is now LIVE!

Head over right now to TheTVShowBlog and read the first of a two-parter on Jason Dohring, star of Veronica Mars and Moonlight.

The second part of this article will be up later this week, along with many more goodies, including photos & video from Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd’s press conference.

Why wait? Read my article now! And remember to comment!.

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