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JD and Co. Scrub in on ABC (And an Eli Stone Plea!)

Last night marked the debut of Scrubs on ABC, after being mistreated by NBC for so long. I’ve adored this show since the very first episode, but was always frustrated by the little-to-no support it was given by NBC, and the constant struggle I faced each week figuring out exactly what day and time it was airing.

After a very disappointing, so-called “series finale” on NBC in May 2008, it was welcome news to hear ABC was going to give Scrubs a proper final season with an actual series finale, which creator Bill Lawrence and star Zach Braff referred to as a “gift” in a recent New York Times article.

So what did I think of the back-to-back episodes, “My Jerks” and “My Last Words”? Loved them! The second episode was particularly endearing, as JD and Turk forfeit their annual “Steak Night” to spend time with a dying patient (played brilliantly by Glynn Turman, aka The Wire’s Mayor Clarence Royce). And I liked Courtney Cox as the new Chief of Staff, Dr. Maddox.

The only thing that could have made last night PERFECT was Eli Stone in the 10 pm slot. Don’t you think Scrubs and ES would make a brilliant pairing? The people that would tune in to watch Scrubs probably would stick around for Eli Stone, speaking as a fan. They both have that whimsical quality, musical sequences, and gosh darn it, both shows have that “gee I’m glad I watched that” quality to them. Maybe ABC should reconsider axing ES and see this potential Tuesday night lineup. After all, we could all use a little magic in our lives, and who better to provide that than the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital and the gang at Weathersby Stone!

Did you catch Scrubs last night? Were you as thrilled by its return as I was? And do you think a Scrubs/Eli Stone pairing would be magic?

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